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Discus Fish Breeding – Simple Ways to Breed Your Fish

by admin
Simple Ways to Breed Your Fish The most fascinating fish you can keep is the Discus. Well of course this is just my opinion.These beautiful creatures are a very expensive and can cost in the hundreds of dollars for a single fish. I myself find this to be a crazy price tag on Discus and I would never recommend anyone pay over 70 dollars for a single adult. In Michigan, this is where I have my aquarium shop. The going rate on Discus is about 45 dollars for a juvenile and around 70 dollars, on the high end for an [...]

Catch More Fish With Lures

by admin
LURES Fishing, in its simplest explanation, is simply placing a hook and bait in front of a hungry fish and outwitting the fish into biting. How do you outwit a hungry fish? You simply use a lure. A lure is the use of an imitation prey fish to provoke or lure a larger fish into biting it. Since the idea is to make a fish think the lure is real, the fisherman will do well to bring that lure into life by controlling the rod. Some lures simulate healthy fish while others simulate wounded or injured prey in order to [...]

Adopting a Betta Fish – A Unique Pet Ownership

by admin
What are bettas? Betta/ Fighting fish (Scientific name: Betta splendens) a member of the gourami family, is a tropical fish originated from Thailand that grows to about 5cm in length, it has colorful fins with different variations. These fishes survive even without an oxygen pump because aside from gills, they have a lung-like structure in their internals called "Labyrinth" so they tend to gulp a cup of air from the surface just like breathing. Thai people used to call them "Pla kat" which means biting or tearing fish notable by the male's aggressive behavior whenever they encounter other male bettas, [...]

Betta Breeding Solutions

by admin
It's little wonder that the Betta fish has become such a popular fish in the home aquarium today. And what could be better than having a Betta fish in your aquarium? - owning many of course, and breeding Bettas for yourself is the perfect solution! It is quite an attractive and spectacular looking specimen, particularly the male of the species. With long, flowing fins and readily available in a beautiful range of colors they are sure-fire winners. Bettas are from the Anabantoid family which has a special way of breathing oxygen from the atmosphere by using a labrynth organ or [...]

Feeding Your Betta Fish

by admin
Today I am going to discuss feeding your  betta   fish , along with the different types of  foods  available.  Betta   fish   foods  come in 3 categories, live  foods  such as worms and shrimp. frozen  foods  that are mostly the same as live  foods  only frozen, and then there are dry  foods  that can still be freeze-dried versions Of the live  foods  or dry flake and pellet  foods  that are a Combination of worms, shrimp and other proteins that the  betta's  Like to eat. If you are going to use frozen  foods , make sure they are thawed and at room temperature before [...]