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5 Nano Luffy Ball – Marimo Moss Ball for Small Aquarium & Decoration

by admin
buy now $14.95 You are winning 5 marimo moss ball! We added another one FREE for you! It is the best gift for anyone. They can be kept in water container or aquarium. *Note: Your Marimo has travelled a long distance to reach you. Give it a good rinse before it joins the rest of your aquarium family.Item comes with MARIMO PET STORE guide and packagingMarimo, also known as Lake ball or Moss Balls. It is a rare growth form of the species where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Marimo is a very popular [...]

Feeding Betta Fish – Dos and Donts

by admin
Aside from your  Betta   fish's  tank, one of the most important aspects of taking care of your little friend is feeding  Betta   fish . This is crucial because it  helps  to set the tone for your  fish's  health. A  sick  and stressed out  fish  is much more difficult to care for than a robust and healthy one. So, now that you have a new little friend to take care of, you have probably asked yourself what are some important tips to feeding your  fish ? Here are some basic tips for you to know about feeding  Betta   fish : 1. Select the appropriate [...]

Steel – The Best Betta Blocker in Town

by admin
Betta fish are resilient pets, able to survive for long periods in very little water with a minimal amount of food. But when Greg Brugman's two bettas managed to survive Hurricane Ike, which ravaged Bridge City, TX in 2008, it wasn't their intrinsic hardiness that kept them alive-it was steel. The Brugman family placed the fish inside a steel storage shed/garage along with a truck and other odds and ends from their house before seeking shelter from Hurricane Ike in a hotel 4 ½ hours away-a move they dubbed a 'Hurrication' to ease the anxiety for their small children. In [...]

How to Breed Bettas and Avoid Frustration

by admin
 Bettas  are great  fish  to keep for fun. After gaining experience with the regular day to day care of  bettas , many people will get the itch to start  breeding   bettas  in their homes. This can be done for fun, or in the hopes of turning it into a profitable hobby in the long-run. Unfortunately, many first time breeders quickly learn that it can be frustrating to get the fish to actually spawn successfully. There are a few tips that can be followed to help reduce the stress of this worthwhile process. Fortunately, not only do they make the job easier, [...]

7 Tips For Choosing Aquarium Fish

by admin
Buying the right aquarium fish for your tank is key to the success of your aquarium. When selecting fish, you may not simply be able to pick out the fish that catch your eye in the pet store as not all fish can live in the same environment. Additionally not all fish get along with each other so you will have to be careful to choose the types of fish that are compatible. If all this seems like hard work, don't worry, you will soon become familiar with the types of tropical fish that work well in your tank and [...]