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Betta Fish Fight

Betta Fish Fight / 33 posts found

Tips on choosing your first betta fish

by admin
So you have seen all the beautiful pictures, you have done the research and you have decided that a betta fish is the right pet for you! Good choice! But what do you need to know before buying your betta fish? And what tips are there to ensure you choose a healthy betta fish? First step: You should set up your aquarium before buying a betta fish.Aquariums should be cycled before adding fish. Usually around two weeks. Check out our guides on choosing an ideal betta fish tank and how to set up a betta fish tank. Where is the [...]

What Supplies Do I Need?

by admin
We have comprised a supplies list for a betta fish tank setup. You may find that you need more things than you thought. A person can save some money by buy an “aquarium kit” on amazon that comes with everything together. These fish are tropical fish so they need a heater and a filter and so forth. Let’s get started with what we need. Get yourself a 5 gallon tank for your Betta fish. Even though they are kept in tiny cups doesn’t mean they need that. NO flower vases or fish bowls. I’m not here to argue but instead [...]

Fluval Spec V Review and Unboxing

by admin
In this video I unbox the Fluval Spec V a fish tank / aquarium that I have bought to house a betta fish along with some live plants. Want to know what you will get for your money? This full unboxing shows all the contents.Here are the contents of the box… 1. Tank2. Lid3. LED light – with day and night mode4. Filter (3 stage)5. Activated carbon insert (to go with filter system)6. BioMax insert (to go with filter system)7. Pump (with tube for outlet)8. Power cords for light and pump In addition I bought a 50w Heater (25w may [...]

Best Filter for Smaller Betta Tank?

by admin
Topic: I have a 5 gallon betta fish tank and need a filter. I was wondering what is the best one to get? I heard that bettas don’t like too much surface movement because they come to the surface alot.. Need some help here.. I just plan on buying it online and having it shipped to my house. *Awarded AnswerPosted by Megan H: The best filter for a smaller setup is going to use an air pump to power it because they are lower power and push less water (less surface movement) for your betta. This is the most popular [...]

My Blue, the Betta Fish

by admin
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