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Betta Fish Fin Rot

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About Common Fish Diseases

by admin
Most of the people really like to have goldfish in their tanks. It is the charming beauty and agility in the motion which make it a loving creature and different from a hundred and thousands of various fish species. But there a severe problem with gold-fish in aquarium and that is, if you keep him for a longer period in the tank, it is probable that he will get ill at some time. There might be a good number of possible diseases which affect him. Although for most of the cases, just maintaining quality of the water is enough to [...]

Betta Care – Points to Remember

by admin
Once  you   have  chosen the living space for  your   betta   fish , then  you  are almost ready to add your  fish  to their new environment but there are some important points that  you  should take into account for optimum  betta  care to keep your  fish  free from danger and disease and to keep them healthy. When decorating  your   betta's  home  you  should: 1. Take care to avoid jagged rocks and decorations because the  betta   fish  could tear their  fins  on these. Stick to smooth surfaces when thinking about optimum  betta  care. 2. Make sure that  you  avoid any hard plastic…

Tips on Betta Fish Care

by admin
The Betta fish belongs to the gourami family and there are actually 28 known species of this kind. All Betta species are small but they vary in size from 2.5 cm to 5 inches. They are very popular among hobbyists because of their colorful and flashy colors. Learning Betta fish care is very important because there are some things that would compromise the fish's health although in general, caring for them is really simple and it just requires common sense. They exist in small mud puddles and they can pretty much gulp air from the water's surface so they are [...]

Betta Fish Care Focus: Feeding and Treat Time

by admin
Over the years, I've learned a lot about what works and doesn't work for teaching people effective Betta fish care. In this series of articles, I'm going to be sharing my expertise with you one topic at a time. Basically, I'm going to try and lay out every single gosh darn thing I know about one aspect of caring for the spectacular aquarium fish that is the Betta! I hope you learn lots, and don't forget to share this article with anyone you think it could help out! I want to do this first article on the actual feeding of [...]

Tropical Fish Illness

by admin
People look at Tropical  fish  just like they are a decoration and not as a real pet. For us the true  fish  keepers our  fish  can be good companion just like dog or a cat. Tropical  fish  are like other species in many aspects, and that includes the fact that they have diseases. They can have fungus, eye problems, internal parasite and even tumors Just as humans, cats or dogs may  get  cancer or other types of tumors, so can tropical  fish . In this article I will review some of these diseases regarding the cause behind  fish  diseases and how [...]