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Betta Fish Types

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Fishing Tackle: Their Types and Other Additional Details

by admin
Fishing tackle is the tool that helps the lure or bait that you are using to go deep and reach the fish. There are few basic as well as advance fishing tackles. But it is always advisable to start with the basic ones. You need to first master the skill of handling basic tools and then handling the advance will not be a problem. The Basic Fishing Tackle The simplest form of a fishing tackle use to be a fishing line attached with a pole. To make it more simpler, kids usually wrap a fishing line in a soda can [...]

Five Different Kinds of Saltwater Aquariums

by admin
When starting a saltwater aquarium there are several things you need to know. In this article I will go over the five main types of marine aquariums. Before we get into each type in detail, here are a few things to keep in mind. Typically saltwater aquariums have less fish than a freshwater tank of the same size. This is because saltwater fish tend to be larger than freshwater fish. Pet stores usually get their fish from breeders and aqua-farms or they are caught in the wild. Whenever possible you should by captive bred fish as opposed to ones caught [...]

Bass Fishing Jig Types

by admin
When you are at a fishing shop you will notice that their are many different jig head body styles out there and each has its purpose. If you have a round ball design this is best for vertical jigging and will nail some suspended fish or working bottom rock contours. It does hang up easy which is a draw back but it sinks quickly and some of the round ball jigs have an attached wire are with a blade that will resemble a bait fish as it falls and being worked on weedlines or shallow cover. If you are fishing [...]

Fishing – How to Rig a Trout Line

by admin
When it comes to fishing, especially in the spring of the year, fishing for trout is a very popular activity. The issue with trout fishing is that many anglers have no idea how to rig a trout line for trout fishing. In this article I will outline some tips concerning how to rig a trout line for fishing in the flowing water of a river or stream, the best place to fish for trout in my humble opinion. Many anglers make the mistake of thinking that using the same gear/outfit that is used for other types of fishing will be [...]

Fishing Reels – Choosing the Right Fishing Reel for You

by admin
If you are a veteran fisherman, then you probably know everything that I'm about to mention on this page. But for new fisherman, this page is just for you. If you're looking for information on choosing the right fishing reel, this page will break it down for you. This page will also describe which type of reel you will need for which particular circumstances. There are three basic types of fishing reels: Fly fishing reels Bait casting reels Spinning reels Fly Fishing Reels Fly fishing reels have been defined as both science and art. Of the three types of reels, [...]