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Betta Fish Types

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Catch More Fish With Lures

by admin
LURES Fishing, in its simplest explanation, is simply placing a hook and bait in front of a hungry fish and outwitting the fish into biting. How do you outwit a hungry fish? You simply use a lure. A lure is the use of an imitation prey fish to provoke or lure a larger fish into biting it. Since the idea is to make a fish think the lure is real, the fisherman will do well to bring that lure into life by controlling the rod. Some lures simulate healthy fish while others simulate wounded or injured prey in order to [...]

Fly Fishing – Tips For Choosing the Best Types of Fishing Rod

by admin
If you decide to go fly fishing, one of the most important decisions that you will make is choosing the right rod. After all, if you don't have a great rod, you are going to have trouble catching the fish that you want. There are a variety of things that you should be considering when you need a new rod, so here are a few great tips that can help you pick out the types of fishing rods for your needs. The first thing that you should think about when trying to choose the rod is the flexibility of the [...]

Fish Tank Shape

by admin
When one begins searching for the perfect aquarium tank, they should consider the shape of the tank when making the purchasing decision. Many people tend to select the aquarium based on the size (gallons) or the external trim molding. So why do I recommend you consider the shape for your tropical fish tank? There are many reasons why you should think strongly about the fish tank shape. One of the most obvious is simply to ensure that you can fit your aquarium in the desired location in your home. You may not have a lot of space width wise to [...]

Cloudy Fish Tank

by admin
If your fish tank has gone cloudy, don't despair, it's quite common and is unlikely to be anything that is harming the fish. Fish don't seem to mind; in fact it's the tank owner who gets more upset simply because all their efforts are disappearing into a white fog.   I'm going to assume that your tank has been set up for a while and rule out the cloudy fish tank water that can happen if you don't rinse the substrate thoroughly before setting up. That really leaves a couple of options depending on the color of your cloud. If it's white [...]

Fish Finder Displays

by admin
There are two components to a fish finder display: Display Type and Display Resolution. Display Type Fish Finders have two main display types: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). An LCD display generally have good contract in daylight, use a small amount of current and tend to be compact. They are available in resolutions up to 320 x 200 pixels, the smallest dot on the display screen. Note that the protective lens over the display must not cause excessive reflections in direct sunlight or it may be difficult to read the display. A CRT display is often [...]