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Betta Fish With Other Fish

Betta Fish With Other Fish / 73 posts found


Hardy Fish for a Beginning Aquarium

by admin
Having an aquarium is a very rewarding, enjoyable experience. There are so many different kinds of fish, aquariums, and fillers out there that you can completely customize your own aquarium to you. Fish are fun to watch, and the soft trickling of water adds a wonderfully natural ambience to any room. They can, however, be a big responsibility, and some are much more high-maintenance than others. Those who are new to keeping a need to choose their fish carefully. Different species have different aquarium size requirements, cleaning requirements, temperature requirements, and eat different foods. When choosing   fish  for beginners, it's [...]

Betta Fish Guide – How to Take Care of Your Betta Fish

by admin
A betta fish is indeed one of the great fishes you can place in your aquarium. Aside from the low-cost maintenance and being relatively easy to take care of, it is also a colorful fish that is attractive to put in your fish tank. However, before deciding to bring home that this type of fish for your aquarium, make sure that you have a betta fish guide to help you understand the behavior and preferences of this type of fish when it comes to keeping them in an aquarium. A complete betta fish guide from knowing the right water temperature [...]

Aquarium Supplies Part 1 – My First Experience With Bettas

by admin
Keeping  fish  as pets takes more than just feeding them and changing the water every once in a while. Sadly, many people aren't aware of that and they just buy aquarium  fish  because they're attractive. After a short while the  fish  start to get sick and die one after the  other , and the newbie would lose interest in the hobby and give it up all together. Basic knowledge of  fish  keeping, together with the right aquarium supplies, is crucial to the livelihood and longevity of your  fish . It's important to maintain the optimum living conditions for your  fish  and  other  [...]

Betta Fish Care – Free Guide

by admin
 Betta   fish  are considered to be some of the heartiest  fish  you can purchase, but is this really true? Yes and no. It is true that  Betta   fish  are pretty stout, but this is a somewhat misguided rumor. They got their reputation due to the fact that they can live in some of the dirtiest and cloudiest water out there. The reason for this is because they have the ability to get oxygen direct from the air due to an organ in their bodies. In fact,  Betta   fish  are much like any  other  exotic  fish  you need to take care [...]

Betta Fish Is The Perfect Pet Fish

by admin
I still remember the first time I saw two beautiful looking  fish  in a friend's house. One  fish  was blue and the  other  was red, and they were swimming majestically in their fishbowls. That was my first encounter with a  fish  species known as  Betta   fish  or  Betta  Splendens or Siamese Fighting  Fish  (three names that refer to one  fish ). Up until today, I'm still keeping a few of them in my house, and they make perfect pet  fish  for my family. Every member of my family loves them. Why do I like most about  Betta   fish , you may ask. [...]